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Softwood Pentarch Forestry Services

Pentarch Forestry Services is a softwood procurement and harvesting company specialising in harvesting and marketing of plantation grown timber for corporate and small forest owners.

Forestry Services contracts harvest and haulage companies and provides field supervision for forest operations as well as coordinating the transport of logs to domestic customers or log yards at ports or rail heads in country areas. Prior to harvesting Forestry Services will obtain all statutory approvals from the appropriate authorities.

In addition they provide product identification and assessment to conform to QC standards as laid down by Pentarch Forest Products Technical Specifications.

As Pentarchs specialist log procurement arm, Forestry Services has the responsibility of providing Pentarch with the essential data required to establish sales volumes.

Forestry Services annually harvest and markets over 300,000 tonnes with the majority volume being provided to Pentarch Forest Products for export.

To achieve effective supply chain management, Pentarch Forestry Services has adopted specific objectives covering:
  • Forest Management, Harvesting, Haulage
  • Inventory Analysis, Marketing
  • Statutory Options, OH&S Management, and
  • Detailed Reporting