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Forest Products Products and Services

Radiata Pine Logs
Radiata Pine logs are usually supplied bark-on to customer specification. Upon special request, logs can also be supplied debarked.
Multiple port loadings reduce the time from forest to ship, ensures fresh cut product.
Pentarch is also able to supply large quantities of fresh pulp logs, either debarked or bark-on.
For complete log specifications please see our Technical Specification

Other Softwood Species
Pentarch Forest Products can also supply other species such as
  • Douglas fir
  • Caribbean Pine
  • Slash Pine
  • Maritime Pine

Hardwood Species
For customers with requirements for hardwood species, Pentarch Forest Products has access to a variety of Australian plantation grown hardwood logs. These species include the Tasmanian Oak mixture of Mountain Ash and Messmate Stringybark, plus the plantation only species of Blue Gum and Shining Gum.

Radiata Sawn Timber
A wide variety of sawn and dressed timber can be supplied in either green or kiln dried form. Through various strategic alliances Pentarch can supply a full range of Radiata boards, structural timbers and hardwood species. Large quantities can be economically shipped on log ships. Containerised cargo is available for smaller lots.

Caribaea Woodchips
The sawmill produces woodchips as one product line direct from the initial profiling of the log prior to board production. These woodchips are uniformly consistent in size and can be mixed with other sources to maintain a high degree of quality control.
Woodchips can be supplied through strategic alliances with other parties.

Other Building Products
A wide range of timber based products such as chipboard, MDF plywood are available. Other non wood based products can be supplied as part cargoes on log ships. Tonnage lots are not limited to log discharging ports, but discharging to additional ports usually incurs significant extra cost. As a guide cargo lots to additional ports should be in excess of 2,000 tonnes.