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Forest Products Pentarch Forest Products New Zealand

In 2002 Pentarch Forest Products commenced operations in New Zealand, eventually establishing Pentarch Forest Products New Zealand Ltd.

The need to integrate the substantial volumes of product available in New Zealand into Pentarch's international operation drove the venture. With the integration complete Pentarch currently supplies to its customers product from both New Zealand and Australian ports.

Initially their expansion incorporated a joint venture with an established forestry company that had a reputation as a credible provider of economic options to private forestry owners. This company has since amalgamated with Pentarch Forest Products with senior management now shareholders and directors of Pentarch Forest Products New Zealand Ltd.

Pentarch's New Zealand operation offer a forest and woodlot orientated service that enables private owners to maximise the returns from their timber investments. They provide optimum results with tailored sales mechanisms that best suit individual situations, whether it be the managed sale of standing timber or a complete harvesting and marketing service.

Pentarch's knowledge and experience of export markets is a major asset in the marketing of New Zealand Radiata pine, establishing global markets and long term relationships with buyers and end users of timber products.