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Forest Products Pentarch Forest Products

  • Pentarch Forest Products have been accredited with a Certificate of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) & Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) see Press Releases - Accreditation    
  • Pentarch Forest Products have commenced the export of woodchips from its Mourilyan Queensland facility see Press Releases - Mourilyan


Pentarch Forest Products Pty Ltd is the timber trading division of the Pentarch Group. The Group is based in Melbourne and has a series of regional offices at each port. The timber division's focus is on the procurement of products from across Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, the group is active in all states and territories.

Over the past 19 years it has become one of Australia's leading suppliers of timber products to the markets of Asia and the Middle East. It is a major exporter of plantation grown Radiata pine and selected "true" hardwoods from Australia and New Zealand. In more recent years the group developed a range of sawn and roundwood logs for sale. The logistics support that accompanies the procurement effort is extensive. The purchasing of roundwood is exclusively from sustainably managed plantations, often with an international certification such as the Forest Stewardship Council.

Commencing in 1993 with initial shipments to Korea the company has successfully expanded its operations to supplying customers in Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. These sales are generally conducted on a sale directly to an end purchaser with Pentarch arranging the ocean freight and land forwarding in the purchaser's country.