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Manufacturing and Engineering Fire Safety Products and Services

HNE Technology

Pentarch is proud to introduce outstanding German technology - HNE high performance fire fighting equipment which are revolutionising fire fighting in Europe

  • Mining
  • Infrastructure assets
  • Forestry & Timber
  • Fire and Emergency services
  • Marinas
  • Airports
  • On board / sea craft
  • Industrial
  • Police
Why is it better?
  • Long Range
  • High Constant Pressure
  • Easy Refill
  • High A & B Class Ratings

Mobile Foam Unit – MFU Powerful, compact, lightweight, versatile German technology “slip on CAF” unit converts vehicles to powerful fire fighting appliances with 26 metre jet, spray, curtain or aspiration providing foam expansion of 11 times. Use with water and or foam –ideal for forestry, mines, airports and rural fire brigades. The water tank is tailored to meet customer needs.
100 Litre – HiPress Class 10A:80B ratings to AS/NZS1850 - high performance replacement for heavy 400 Litre slip on, saves weight and space, quick refill, uses less water - forestry, rural and industrial applications
50 Litre – HiPress & HiCAFS foam fire fighting unit – Class HiPress 10A:80B & HiCAFS 10A:30B ratings to AS/NZS1850, mobile / mountable unit for marinas, airports and the above sectors
10 Litre – HiPress & HiCAFS foam fire fighting unit - superior protection  Class 4A:20B rating to AS/NZS1850, high pressure, portable, mountable, quick refill ideal for heavy machinery, mining, forestry, infrastructure, petrochemical and high value industrial applications
7 Litre - HiPress Class 3A:20B rating to AS/NZS1850, high pressure portable, mountable quick refill for, heavy vehicles, sea craft and engineering services



Standard Portable

HNE Portable


Unchanged for 30+ years


Range (up to approximately)

4.5 metres

16 metres


Drops off




4A - 10A / 20B - 80B

Trigger Gun




Typically 12 Bar/1.2 MPa

28 Bar/2.8 MPa


No – replace

Yes - quick

Fire Fighter Summary

“No comparison - HNE are far superior”