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Agricultural Products Pentarch Farms

Pentarch Farms is a major independent exporter of Australian agricultural products.

It offers a variety of products including oaten and wheaten hay, straw and selected grains and provides a complete service to its customers from farm to port of destination.

Their commitment to the customer is ensured through Pentarch Farms involvement covering

  • Growing and Harvesting
  • Processing and Packing
  • Transporting and Shipping

They draw upon existing commercial skills to compliment the manufacturing process, plus personnel with extensive experience in farming, procurement, processing, shipping and international marketing.

Quality Assurance programs are used to monitor and maintain excellent standards while at the same time tracking the progress of the product through all aspects of the production process.

Pentarch Farms provides a national approach to product sourcing and incorporates Australia wide operations, selecting prime product from growing areas of Western and Eastern Australia to meet customers needs.

Australian growing conditions vary from region to region and produce product that offers customers a wide variety of choices when selecting fodder for their respective needs.

They offer: full or half cut bales in bulk or unitised packing.