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Agricultural Enterprises Pentarch Agricultural

Pentarch Agricultural diversifies across a range of agri business activities for the group.

It operates two specialist divisions -

  • Pentarch Farms
  • Pentarch Grains

Through its subsidiary companies, the core business remains the marketing of animal fodder into Japan, South Korea and Taiwan for dairy and beef cattle. Pentarch Farms has established itself as one of the leaders in these markets where it concentrates on delivering quality produce from farm gate to end user. Pentarch Farms processing facility Narrogin Hay, is one of the largest hay production facilities globally and it continues to embrace modern technology to improve efficiencies.

Pentarch Grains was formed to perform grain accumulation and containerisation. These operations have commenced in Narrogin sharing land owned by its sister company, Narrogin Hay. Pentarch Grains’ business plan involves valued adding to grow the business whilst supplying an expanding international demand for coarse grains and pulses.