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Stevedoring Port Facilities and Services

Port of Eden

Port Facilities:

Principal Facilities
  • Dry bulk
  • General cargo
  • Towage
  • Slipway (up to 20 mt)
  • Airport (20 km)
Multipurpose Wharf

Located in East Boyd Bay, South of the woodchip berth. The berth is 200m long, 30m wide and is reached via an access jetty 560m long and 17m wide. The depth alongside is 12m and the swinging basin is dredged to 11m.

  • Maximum vessel size; 180m LOA - draft 10.5m
  • An 8 hectare storage yard is located on the access road to this wharf.
Breakwater Wharf

Suitable for smaller vessels and situated on the eastern side of Snug Cove, inside the breakwater. A rubber fenced concrete wharf 150m long. Depth at outer end is 8.8m and shelving to 3.0m at the inner end. Vessels limited only by draft. Principally used for AHT&S and smaller vessels.

Eden Main Jetty

Situated in the centre of Snug Cove, it is a concrete decked wooden fended jetty 200m long. Depth at the outer end is 7.0m, shelving to 2.0m at the inner end. Used by the fishing fleet.

Mooring Jetty

Situated on the Western side of Snug Cove, it is a concrete decked wooden fending jetty 150m long. Used only by the fishing fleet.

Port Services:

  • Tugs - 2 x 41mt bollard pull tugs available
  • Workboats - 2
  • Stevedores - By appointment
  • Fresh water - Available at all Snug Cove jetties
  • Fuel - Diesel fuel available
  • Repairs - Slipway and repair facilities for fishing fleet
  • Access - To all berths by road only
  • Airport - Merimbula airport 17km. Daily flights to Melbourne & Sydney
  • Customs - Proclaimed first port of entry. Documents as for Port Kembla
    Customs Office - Snug Cove
    Ph: (02) 6496 1111 / Fax: (02) 6496 3504