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Stevedoring Australian Marshalling Services Stevedoring

Australian Marshalling Services Stevedoring (AMSS) was established in 2004 to support Pentarch Forest Products Round Log Export development in the Eden region of NSW. In that time the demand for stevedoring services at the Port of Eden has expanded to provide service to the mining Industry in Tasmania and the Offshore Oil industry in Bass strait. AMSS has a skilled labour force covering: forklift / dogman / rigger / skid steer / loader / excavator / ship / lines work / non slewing and mobile crane / elevated work platform / first aid and OH&S.

AMSS are a committed and flexible workforce that concentrates on productivity with safety delivering minimal downtime and disruption.

Since it’s inception, AMSS have provided services to over 90 vessels ranging from pine logs to specialised containerised goods.
This has been accomplished with no downtime or lost productivity.

AMSS commitment is to deliver an efficient and cost effective stevedoring service to meet customer needs.